Flowfactory Uddan partnership v.2


Stockholm, Sweden / Lisbon, Portugal – December 6, 2023 - Flowfactory, a leading low-code platform provider from Sweden, and UDDAN, an IT consulting company specializing in low-code solutions, have announced their new partnership. This alliance aims to boost digital services in the Portuguese public sector using Flowfactory's efficient and agile platform.


Agneta Linde from Flowfactory said:

"We're thrilled about our partnership with UDDAN. Our proven track record in Sweden, especially within the public sector, highlights our platform’s capacity to help organizations build ultra-specialized tools, quickly and cost-efficiently. One success case is our cooperation with Region Stockholm where we’ve developed customized case management solutions within a matter of months, in true collaboration with the end users. This resulted in motivated and less stressed coworkers who feel they now have systems that fully support their working processes. We're looking forward to doing the same in Portugal with UDDAN's help."


João Candeias of UDDAN added:


"Our partnership with Flowfactory stems from our desire to diversify UDDAN’s technology portfolio in the public sector and represents a great move for us. The Flowfactory platform completes our offering and is ideally suited for projects within this sector, keeping us in the forefront of low-code development in which we are specialized. We're enthusiastic about replicating Flowfactory's success in Portugal."


This partnership is a big step in Flowfactory's growth and UDDAN's efforts to offer more diverse low-code solutions. Both companies are focused on making sure their clients get digital tools that are perfectly aligned with the users' needs, empowering them with technology that facilitates their success in an ever-evolving business landscape.


For more details about this partnership, contact: Julia Hallin, julia.hallin@flowfactory.com, 0766450937


About Flowfactory

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UDDAN is an IT consulting company specialized in low-code development, focused on digital transformation and oriented to innovative continuous next. With offices in Portugal, Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium, and a delivery track record in sectors such as Tech, Banking, Energy, Insurance, Health, F&B and NGO’s, UDDAN remarks more than 14 years of experience developing and implementing solutions and helping partners improving their business processes. Read more on https://uddanit.com/