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Low-code vs. no-code: guide to the best app development approach

[fa icon="calendar'] 07/03/23 09:26 / by Frida Höök posted in low-code

If you’re familiar with low-code development, you’ve undoubtedly already heard of no-code. Why? Because they’re almost always mentioned together in the same breath – and they’re both trendy. Gartner states, “By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies, up from less than 25% in 2020.”
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Your low-code future might look like this

[fa icon="calendar'] 20/02/23 08:00 / by Frida Höök posted in low-code, low code platform

Where is low-code heading? And how should you use it in your business? A recent Gartner report* sheds some much-needed light on the future of low code. According to Gartner®, “Low code has emerged in the last five years as one potential tool in both enabling business transformation and scaling these initiatives cost-effectively over time.” But is it right for your business right now? Read on to find out.
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A guide to application development success: why leading organizations choose low-code

[fa icon="calendar'] 18/01/23 11:30 / by Frida Höök posted in low-code, app development

If you’re a change agent, an innovator, someone who sees opportunities to drive your organization forward and then seizes them – there’s never been a better time to make an impact. Thanks to new application development technologies like low-code, anyone at an organization – whether technical or not – has the power to create highly functional business applications.
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Why Improving Quotation Management Is Your New Competitive Edge

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/08/22 07:53 / by Johan Mangnäs posted in CPQ

As we shared in a recent post, there are many CPQ challenges that cause pain throughout the quotation process for many organizations. But we didn’t stop there, moving on to reveal specific ways a perfectly tailored CPQ application can solve those challenges, and many more.
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The Top 3 CPQ Pain Points (and How to Solve Them)

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/07/22 08:45 / by Johan Mangnäs posted in CPQ

Some call it Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Others simply refer to it as their quotation process. Whatever terminology your organization uses, how quotations are managed by sales, shared with customers, and converted into paying orders is a critical process for companies large and small.
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När är low-code det rätta valet?

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/01/22 11:05 / by Frida Höök posted in low-code, low code platform

Low-code är den superheta megatrenden inom applikationsutveckling som alla pratar om. Enligt Gartner kommer low-code att stå för minst 65% av världens applikationsutveckling år 2024.
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Släpp ut skugg-IT i solen

[fa icon="calendar'] 25/11/21 12:48 / by Johan Häggqvist posted in digital transformation, IT

För ett par veckor sedan arrangerade Gartners sitt årliga IT Symposium som även i år blev ett virtuellt event. Ett av de mest intressanta uttalandena kom från key note speaker Mbula Schoen, som menade att ”Skugg-IT är ett dött koncept”. Jag är den första att hålla med henne.
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Welcome the Chief Inspiration Officer

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/11/21 09:04 / by Frida Höök posted in CIO

Recently I was honoured to speak at the CIO Innovation Summit Nordics in Stockholm, hosted by IDG Sweden. I'd like to take the opportunity here to share some of the core ideas we discussed, and some of my reflections since then.
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Technology must have its IKEA moment.

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/03/21 07:15 / by Fredrik Lindqvist posted in low-code, CEO, Business, industry technology

We all know or think we know who the one-percenters may be, but have you ever considered who the real one-percenters are? Let’s not think in terms of wealth here, let’s consider the bottleneck of human progress...
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Flowfactory, Darwin and Digital Literacy

[fa icon="calendar'] 16/03/21 07:34 / by Frida Höök posted in digital transformation, low-code, flowfactory, CEO, Business, low code platform

Listen in on this short chat between Dr. James McCabe, an award-winning Oxford scholar, and Flowfactory CEO Fredrik Lindqvist. They talk about how Flowfactory think differently to the rest of the market - a discussion that leads them into the topic of natural evolution and digital literacy. Quite a leap in a chat of only three minutes :) Get inspired!
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