Riksbyggen speeds up with low-code (Swedish)

Riksbyggen enters the low-code scene by kick-starting with a first application on the Swedish Flowfactory low-code platform. The application aims to digitalize the process for inventory and administration related to rebuilding projects. The first version of the application is created in only three weeks.

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Flowfactory raises capital from established investors (Swedish)

Parts of the Jensen family, former owners of the electronic company ELFA, invest in the low-code-platform Flowfactory that will help Swedish companies accelerate digital journeys.

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Sweden's First Low-Code Platform Fuels Digital Journeys

Sweden's First Low-Code Platform Fuels Digital Journeys Press contact:

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Flowfactory in a nutshell

Flowfactory is an enterprise-grade low-code platform for business applications. Applications are built in a visual environment, with drag-and-drop and with limited amount of code - up to 10 times faster. Flowfactory has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

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