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Frida Höök

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Three things that low-code can do for your digital business journey.


Low-code is a fast evolving area right now and often referred to as a revolution in the IT-sector. And it comes timely: the global business climate has never been as tough as it is today, in our customer-oriented society. To meet the augmenting demands of the market, and to keep up with (or better stay ahead of) the competition, businesses are challenged to develop applications faster and better than ever before. This is where low-code comes in.

Here are three ways in which it can improve your digital business environment.


Speed up!

Basically, it allows non-technical staff from your business departments to configure the applications that you need for your digital environment. As you no longer have to rely on developers for coding, the process will also speed up massively and be a lot less costly. Today, there is an increasing lack of good developers on the market, making them more difficult and expensive to find and keep.



Another great thing about low-code is that it decreases the need for translation between the business side and the IT-department. Instead, your business staff, who are close to customers and internal users, are able to create the required functionality straight away. Again, you save time and money. This time by using a much more efficient process when moving the process of creating apps closer to the actual business need. No more back and forth communication or unnecessary confusion.



But it not only simplifies the building and launching of business applications. Once you have created your application, you can easily modify it at any time, without the need for complex scripts or long lead times.


Any changes are made utilizing the same visual drag-and-drop tools that you used for configuring it in the first place. In many cases, it’s a matter of just a few simple clicks to solve an issue or create an update.


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Frida Höök

Written by Frida Höök

Frida is Chief Marketing Officer at Flowfactory and a communications and marketing executive with over 15 years of experience from companies ranging from large, multi-nationals to start-ups and scale-ups.

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